Samantha Ancona Esselmann’s Favorites

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This fantastic article in the NYTimes by the indomitable  making particle physics seem cool.

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This other amazing NYTimes article by about a geriatric turtle that’s still got it.

This Radiolab conversation with Carl Zimmer about giant viruses and what they might tell us about the definition of life.



Moises Velasquez-Manoff and his book, An Epidemic of Absence, “A brilliant, cutting-edge exploration of the dramatic rise of allergic and autoimmune diseases and the controversial, potentially groundbreaking therapies that scientists are developing to correct these disorders” (Review excerpted from Simon and Schuster). I recently interviewed Moises for Carry the One Radio. 

“The Death of Cancer” by Vincent DeVita Jr. and Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn.

Check out this adorable video created by the Element team at Weber Shandwick for Roche. It’s very similar to the podcast I produced about multiple sclerosis. I think they do a better job at communicating the differences between B cells and T cells!